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Originally founded in 1927,Teramoto has been committed to developing and manufacturing high quality cleaning and beautification products for over 80 years.
Today our wide range of products includes sanitary products, garden furniture, cleaning products for the home, office, and public spaces, and various type of floor matting system such as artificial turf, conductive matting, and more!!
Medical Mat
The sanitizing agent in the urethane eradicates the bacteria on the soles of shoes, while artificial turf mat scrapes dust.
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Floor Matting Floor Matting Umbrella Stand
Color Brush Mat
The tough and extremely thick nylon brush of interlocking tile is designed to scrape off mud.
Chemi Mat
This mat is also designed to eradicates the bacteria on the soles of shoes and soft enough for barefoot.
Umbrella Stand D
The umbrella stand, having cylindrical shutes through which the umbrellas are neatly put one by one, and coated with quiet brown as the base color.
Umbrella Stand Cleaning Tools Cleaning Tools
Card Lock Umbrella stand
This type of umbrella stand is designed to lock an individual lock  unit by a resin card lock key.
Extension Pole 
 Wiper Head 

With our EF EXTENSION POLE and its exclusive attachment, you can save your valuable time for window cleaning.
Electro Static Duster
Generating electrostatic by friction, even fine dust can be cleaned without using any cleaning detergent. 
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