Brand Message

It is creativity that prompts us to come up with flexible ideas continuously and express them without reserve.
Making great efforts to develop high-quality products that fully show the originality in a spirit of challenging spirit that never compromises and always aims at being the best is exactly Teramoto’s basic attitude towards development.

In addition to gain satisfaction and trust of customers, we are also implementing activities that unit the four points mentioned below into one aiming to develop products that can make people feel touched.

Marketing activities that accurately capture the trends and needs of the market

The market is rapidly changing every day in the world from the diversification of people’s lifestyles to global environmental problems.
In the background that so much information available nowadays, accurately capture market trends and customers’ needs in real time, and be able to continue the creations of plans and development as well as research and development.

Creations of plans and development that covered customers’ needs

Analyze the exact needs learned through marketing activities from multi-angle, and create specific developing concept that covers not only compliance, but also the requirements for functions and performance to realize productization, as well as channels of developing.

Real capability for design and development that fully shows originality

Experienced designers rapidly design products full of originality based on developing concept. In addition, make sure that ensuring products quality begins with the source of monodzukuri – design and development. Provide customers with high-quality products that can be used safely.

Research and development that leads the times

For manufacturers, it’s imperative to challenge to the unknown. We will always carry out our research and development that leads the times and seek for its realization, with a wider view that not limited by existing concepts, as well as challenging spirit that never afraid of facing failure.