Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to society by creating comfortable environments.

As one of the members of the society, we, Teramoto, pursue the creation of comfortable and clean living environments, and make efforts to contribute to the development of the society taking the harmony with the global environment as our theme. We aim to create a prosperous society by creating spaces where people can share their joy, moving and dreams, and manufacturing with consideration for the global environment.

Code of Conduct

  • We act honestly and ethically in accordance with social common sense.
  • We will always do our best in all things.
  • We will respect the independence and creativity of individuals and support new challenges.

Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

The green line of Teramoto’s corporate logo represents the global environment, and the gray line represents the urban living environment. Teramoto wishes to be an indispensable part for the realization of the harmony between the irreplaceable global environment and living environment.